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If The CHECK OIL tight 1.111 the inflrumtnl [:11ch comes an. it 1111311115 you need In cheek yuur engine oil level right away. For mun: inithflflLitm+ 54:: “Check Oil" in L111: Influx. Yu-u Hhuuld chuck your engine nil lax-ti regularly; 1J1'L:~: is an added Iumindcr.

It's a gu-ud idea Lu check your engine 111'] every lime you gel: the]. In order In get an :wcurme reading. the 01] rmmt be warm. and the vehicle must be on level ground.

The engine oil dipstick handle is yellow.

The engine oil dipstick on llle 3.3L Quad 4 engine is inealed an the rear of lhe engine.

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