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If yuu try In 110 your own sentient work without knowing enough abnnt it, your vehicle could be dilemma.



Use mgularunleeded gasoline mmdatfl? octane or higher. It-should meetspecifieutions ASTMDIIBM 1n the UnitedStams MCGSB 3.5- 92' In mmm-ee fiJer should have the pope: Efidifi‘t'em so you should not have tn add anything to the Fuei.

In the United States and Canada. it‘s easy to he sum ynu get the right kind {If gasoline [unleadedl Yuu‘ll see UNLEADED right en 1111: pump, And uni}.r unleaded Wales will fit into yuur vehicle's filler neck.

Be sure the muted octane is at least 37. If the meme is less then 37'. you may get a heavy ken-citing noise when you drive. If it's bad euuugh it can damage your enghm.

It‘ grown: using fuel rated at 87 octane or higher and you still hear heavy knocking, your engine needs service. But don't wurry if you hear a little pinging nuise when you‘re accelerating er dfiving up a hill. That's normal, and you dnn't have to buy a higher octane fuel to get rid of pinging. It's the heavy. censtant kneel: that means yuu have a problem.

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