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@ Section 6 Serviee and Appearance Care

Hen: _vU-LI will lint] iItJiI-rmtttiun IllJUILIL the care of :v'lt‘lljl' Buiek. This Heetittn hegint; wilh serviee tint! i'tte] informant-m. 11nd 1lten it .uhmvs hmv to cheek il'l'lpOrlfll'll fluid and Itlhriettttl levels. There is also teehnieal ini'ttrntttl'tnn uht1ul your vehicle. and u pttrt devuted [t] it}: :Ippeurilnee ezn'e.


Your Buick dealer knows your vehicle best and wants 3-01.: Lt} he happy with it. We ht‘tpe yt‘iu' ll go It) }'|..Il.ll' tlenler far all }'I'i-L1r Herviee needs. Yntt‘ll gel genuine GM parts and GM-ttttined and mentioned service people.

We hope vuul']! mm to keep vtnn' GM vehicle it“ GM. Genuine GM pttt'tv hn ve. me. of these marl-:5:

[Ming Your Own Service Wnrk

il'ytltt went tl.l tit} Hume tit'yutlr own sei'viee u-tlt'k. yuuill want it) get the pi'enper Bniek Serviee Manuel. ll tells you much more about how In service your Buick than lhiH tnenttul eutt. 'I'u tittier [he lth'rper sei'vtee manual. see ”Service Ptthiieutittns“ in the Index.

Yum vehicle has an air bag Slit-”481“. Bel'nre attempting In thr yttttruwn service With. see "Servicing ‘t'tJur .'-"t|t Flag—Equipped Hniek" in Ihe index.

Yet: should keep .1 memcl with ztll puns: receipts and 112:1 the miIettge urlL'J [he date ofqu service wurk you peri'tmTt. See “Meinlenantv: Reetirti" in the Index.


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