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Compact Spare Tire

Although the compacl spare was full}r inflated when your vehicle wee new, it can lore: air after :1 lime. Check the inflation pressure regularly. it Should the 60 psi

{42“ kPaj. After installing the compact spare on your 1rehiele. you should stop as soon as pnsfiiblt: and make sure your more lire is correctly inflated. The compacl spare is made to perform well at posted speed limits for distal-toes up lo llilltl toilet-r {5 [H11 km}, on you can finish your trip and have your full—size tire repaired or replaced where you want. Of course. it‘s best to replace your spare with a full-size tin: on 5:11.111 to; you can. 1Four Hoar! will last longer and be in good shape in case you need it again.



Don’t take your compact spore through an automatic ear wash with guide rails. The

compact spare can get caught on the rails. The! can damage the tire and wheel, and maybe other pare.- of your vehicle.

Don't use your compact spare on some other vehicle.

And don’t mix your compact spare or wheel with other whcclx or Lirer-L This}r won‘t fil. Keep your spare and its wheel together.


Tire chains won‘t fit your compact spare. Using

them will damage your vehicle and deelmy the chains too. Don‘t use tire chains on your eempoct spore.

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