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The equipment you‘ll need is in the trunk.

l. Tum the center retainer out on me compact spare tire housing counterclockwise to remove it, then lift the tire cover. You will find 1he jacking instructions label on the underside of the tire cover.


. Remove the wing bolt scouring the compact spare

tire and spacer by turning it counterclockwise. Then lift oft" the spacer and remove the spare tire.

. The jack and the wheel 1wrench are stored in a foam

tray by the compact spare tire.

_ Remove the band around the jack. Turn the jack

handle clnckw'ific to raise Lhejack head a few inches-t.

. Using the wheel wrench. loosen all the wheel nuts.

Don't remove them vet.

On some vehicles. a cover plate must be removed to find the wheel nuLs. flint-1.:full}-I I151: lhr: wedge and of the wheel wrench to pry it off. Be careful: the rim edges may be sharp. Don‘t try to remove it with your bare hands.

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