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Then replace the pressure cap. Be Sun: the prexsum cap is tlghL.

If a Tire Goes Flat

It‘s unusual for a tire to "blow out” while you're driving, especially il‘ yuu maintain your tires properly. If air goes rim of it time. it's much more likely to leak out slowly. But if you should ever ha we a “blowout.“ here are a few tips about what [0 expectant] what to do:

If a from lire: Fails. the flat tire will create a drag that pulls the 1-'eh1'i:|e toward that side. Take your foot off the accelerator pedal and grip the steering wheel “Truly. Steer to maintain lane position, then gently brake to a stop WE" out of the traffic lane.

A rear blowout. particularly nn it curve. HL'L". much like :I skid and may require the tonne eoiTeetion you'd use in EL skid. In any rear blowout. remove your feet from the accelerator pedal. lGet the vehicle under control by steering the way you want the vehicle to go. It may be very bumpy and noisy. but you can still steer. Gently brake to a 510]). well all the mat] il' [Mtitstihle

Ila Lire gotta I'lul. Iht: next part xhnwi-t him to flee yttur jacking equipment to change a flat tire safely.

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