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4. Wilh the cmlzmt surge {an}: pressure cap off, marl d1: engine. {Ind let il run until yuu cull l'eel the upper radiator hose gening hm. Watch [ml for the engine l'un.

3. Then fill the coolant eurge Izmk wilh the proper mix. up lu FULL COLD urjusl “have {he smilll cylinder :11 [he huh-r- rpl‘mc upcnillg, By this; time. llae mutant level infi'ulc Ihe uncllunl surge tank may be lower. lflhe level is. lower. udd man; of IJ'JI: proper mix [0 the coolant surge tank unli] 1hr: Ira-cl ranchers I‘L‘LL COLD.

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