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If yen get the overheat warning with uni Sign el'eleiirn. tr},l this tim- tt minute er tau:

1. If you have an air enndititmer. turn it off.

2. Turn an your heater to full hot at the highest fan epeed and open the window unnecessary.

3. [f ynu’re in it traffic jam. shift in NEUTRAL (NJ; etherwise, shift In: the highest gear while driving -- AUTGMATIC DVERDRW'E {CE-i or DRIVE tDi.

If you no longer have the overheat warning, you can

drive. Just L0 be 3313:. dri tn: slower for about ten minutes.

If the warning doesn‘t come back en. you can drive nonnaily.

If the warning cunLintttzs, pull river, SIDI'L and park _\u'{'|-Ll'r vehicle right away.

11' therein still rlu sign at" steam. you can idle the engine fer [we er three minutes while you're parked. to see if the warning steps. But then. if you still have the warning, tum oil“ the engine and get everyone out ufrhe t’e‘kirtiie until it cools Lien-n.

You may decide nut in lift the llUCId but in get service help riyit away.


When you decide it'n safe to liFt the head. here's what you'll see:

I Coolant surge tank with pressure cap

0 Electric engine fan

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