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Your cu: has a light

that comes on :13 a

reminder m bucklc up.

{fine "Safety Belt tuning Lighl" in

H1: Index.)

In many states and Canadian provinces. Ihc law says Ln wear safety balls. Hcrc‘s why: They work.

Tnu never knnw ifyou'll be in a crash. If 32ml du haw: a crash. you don‘l know if '51 wiil h: a had one.

A few flasher; urc mild. and mm: crashes can be m 5:?I'iUIJS 111.31 m'L'n hmflclmi up a person wotlEdn'T survive. But must mam are in beLween. In many of mum. [3:30pm who buckle up can survive and sumetimus wall». awry.

W1 Lhnui belts {hey could have been badly hurt ur ki[]ud.

After mnre than 25 Eva-ms of StLI'L'Ly bulls in vehicles. the fficls life clear. In mus! crushes buckling up dUIL‘h matter at £011.


Why Safetyl Bells Work

When you ride in U]' {in anything, ynu gnu :15 I'm}! as it gnu-H.

'I‘rLkL: 1hr simplest vehicle. Suppose il'h gust a seal un whucis.

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