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9. Attach the Cithlf at lean-t IS inches. {45 em] away [2. Remove the cables in reveme order to prevent t'mm U1:- dead buttery. hul not nettr engine ptu'ls that electrical shut-ting. 'i‘ulu: can: that they dun‘t touch mtw e. The electri cat connectinn It- jLIttL as. grand each (filter ctr any olher metal. them. but ll'lt.‘ L'l'lttltL'Jt: uf Hparkr'. getting hack to the butler]; is much less.

Remnve the cables in this nrder,

111 an start Il1t: vehicle with the good butter}: and run the engine For awhile.

[I] Try In start the vehicle wilh the dead battery.

it it Won't start after a. few lrieta, in pmhuhly needs service.

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