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fi. Cunncct Eh}: red punitive t+] ca hle tn the posit”: “J T. Dnn‘t let the other and touch matal. Connect it In 111:: terrmnai ni 1h: vchlclc wuh the dcad battery. Use a positive H 3 terminal ”f the good battery. Lise

”UH-“E PUSitiW 1“" terminal if U“: “ch-"51“ has one. remote positive [+J terminal if the vehicle has mm.

H. Nuw cunncct the black nfigative :—) cahie tn the gun-d huttcry’s ncguLi W: 1-) terminal.

Dort’L 11.1 lb: Other and touch anything until the next smp. Tlu; thfl' and of me negative cable dawn? go In the dead hum-qr. It guns n) :1 heavy unpaintcd metal part on Ihs engine at thc which: wilh the dead battery.

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