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. " I' Your Buick 3. Turn off the ignition on both vehicles. Turn off a]! . TD Illl'l'lp bta t [amps that aren’t needed1 and radios. This will avoid

I. Check the other vehicle. II niusl have a iZ—vuii sparks and help save both batteries. And it could trailer}r with a negative ground system. save your radio!


"you leave your radio on, it could he badly

If the other system isn't a 12-min system with a

negative mundv both vehicle: can be damaged. damaged. The repairs wouldn‘t he covered by

your warranty.

2. GL1 um vehicles close enough so the jumper cables can reach. hui be cure Lhe vehicles aren't touching 4 0W" the hood and 10mm the buiieries. each other. li'lhey are. il L‘flllld cause a ground , connection you don't want. You wouldn't be able in

filfll'l your Buick. and the bad grounding could A CAUTION:

damage the electrical Hyslcme.

You could be injured if the vehicles mil. Sci 1.11: .h’. Mahmmmn .whm'thfi'flflghfl parking brake firmly on each vehicle. Put an Humane-em WW 3"”- Km hflflflfv:

aummaijc Lranswdr: in PARK (P: or a mnniml tronsaxle in NEUTRAL (Ni.

Find the positive {+3 and ncgufivc Ii-i lei-minulaa on each he he rv.

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