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@ Section 5 Prnhlems on the Road

Herc ynu’ll find what to do nhcut some problems Ihm ‘r'nnr hazard warning flashcrs 1:! fun warn others. The}: can occur on the mad. also |e1 pfllitl: knuw yuu have a probiem. Yflur 1'111n1 und rear turn signal lumps-i will Hunt-I ml mid ruff.

Hazard Warning Flashers

Mm-‘d' Ltu: switch In the right [(1- make yum" from and rear turn signal 121mm flay-eh un um] Off.

Yum hazard Finn-hers wnrk nn Inmrer what fumilinn yuur kc}; in in. um] mun if [[141- key 'hn'l in.

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