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Parking on Hills

You really should not park your Vehicle, with a trailer

attached. on a hill. If something goes wrong, your rig could start to move. People can be injured. and both your vehicle and the trailer can be damaged.

But if you ever have to park your rig on a hill. here's how to do it:

I. Apply your regular brakes. but don't shift into PARK {P} yet.

2. Have someone place ehocks under the trailer wheels.

3. When the wheel chucks art: in place, release the regular brakes until the shocks absorb the load.

4. Reapply the regu [er brakes. Then apply your parking brake, and then shift to Park {P}.

Release the regular brakes.


When You Are Ready to Leave After Parking on a Hill

I . Apply your regular brakes and hold the ptdtztl down while you;

0 Start your engine: t Shift into a gear: and I Release the parking brake. 2. Let up on the brake pedal. 3. Drive siowl y until the trailer is clear of the checks.

4. Stop and have someone pick up and stone the shocks.

Maintenance When Trailer Towing

Your vehicle will need service more often when you‘re pulling a trailer. See the Mejinensnue Schedule for more on this. Things that are especially important in trailer operation on: automatic transaxle fluid {don‘t overfilll. engine oil, hell... cooling system. and brake adjustment. Each of these is covered in this manual. and the Index will help you find them quickly. if you're trellerittg. it’s a. good idea to review these sections before you start your trip.

Cheek periodically to see that all hitch nuts and bolts are oghL

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