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Head Restraints

Slide the head restraint up er dew so that the top of Ihe restraint is closest to the [up of year ears. This positien reduces the chance of a neck injury in. a crash.

Front Seathack Latches III-Deer Models]

The fmnt seatbaek folds forwatfl to let people get inte the back seat.

Your mum}: will muve back and forth freely+ unless you came to a sudden stop. Then it will lock in place

There‘s um: time the sembaek may net fold without some help from ynu. That’s; if your vehicle is parked going down a fairly steep hill.

Te fnld a from seatheck fonvard, push the seathaclt toward the mares yen till this latch. Then the seathauclt will feld forward. The latch must be down for the seal tn work pmperly.

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