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Driving in the Rain

Rain and wet rustle can mean driving trouble. On a wet read you can't step, accelerate er turn as well because your mete-mad traction isn’t as grand as an dry roads. And. if your tires dunk have much tread left. you'll get even less traction. It‘s always wise tn go slower and be cautious if rain starts [a fall while you are driving. The surface may.r get wet stitltlenijlr when your reflexes are tuned fer driving on dr},r pavement.

The heavier the rain. the harder it is [a see. Even if your windshield wiper blades are in grand shape, a lteav1.r rain can make it harder to see mad signs and traffic: signals, pavement markings, the edge of the read. and even people walking.

lt's wise to keep your wiping equipment in good shape and keep ynur windshield washer tank filled. Replace your windshield wiper inserts when they shew signs nf streaking or missing areas an the windshield. or when strips of rubber start to separate from the inserts.


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