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yuu will eliminate a. lot of unnecessary braking. That means better braking and lung-er brake life.

If your engine ever slnps while you‘le tlli wing. brake nnnnally but don‘t pu nip your brakes. II" you du. the pedut may get harder to push down. ll‘ynllrengine 5lnph‘, you will still have same aner brake assist. But you will use it when yen brake. Once the power assist is used up. it may lake longer to stop and the brake pedal will be harder In push.

Anti-Lock Brakes [ABS]

Your Buick has an advanced electronic braking sit stem that will help prevent a braking skid.

This lighten the instrument panel will come {in briefly whltn :r'DLI start your vehicle.

When you start yotir vehicle. or when you begin in drive away. you may hear a munienlery meter or clicking nuiee. And you mag.- even rinlice that yuur brake pedal


moves a little while. this is going on. This is the ABS system testing itself. if there's a problem with the Hilti-Il‘ich brake is} stem. the anti-luck hm he 51' stern warning light wil] Mn}- on ur flash.

See "Anti—Lech Brake System Warning Light" in the Index.

Here’s how anti-leek works. Let‘s say the read is wet. You'le driving stu'ely. Suddenly en unimnljumps DUI. in from m" you.

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