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@ Section 4 Your Driving and the Road

Defensive Driving

The hes: advice on yone can give about driving is: Drive delbnni't'cly.

Fianna stnrt with it very important safety device in you: Buick: Buckle up. {See "Safety Belts“ in the Index.)

Dc tonsil-'1: driving really meant; "be ready for miyilting." (in city streets. ntrai roads. or freeways. it means “always expect the unexpected."

Assume that pL‘Liofitt'ions or timer drivers are going to be careless and molt: mistaken. Anticipate what they might do. Be ready for their mistakes.

Rent-end collisions are about the most preventable of accidents. Yet they are common. Allow enough following distance. it’s the Met defensive driving maneuver. in both city and rural driving. You never Here you‘ll find information about driving on diffetonl know when lite vehicle in front of you it: going to broke kinda of [Ufltib and in varying. weather conditions. We‘ve m- mm sttddeniv.

alt-to included rnttn}r other LIS-L'iLLLI liph‘ on driving. '

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