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Presets: The pushbuttorns let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pttshbnttons for up to IE! stations {fit-1: AM and: live FM}.

1 . Tune in the desired station.

2, Press the SET pushbctton. (SET appears in the display}

3. Within five seconds, push one till. the live pushburtons. Whenever you press that button. the preset station will return.

Setting the Tune

Use the letters next to the display to set the bass. midrange. and treble until you get the sound you want. The fill and 25C! levers adjust the bet-ts, IK is midi-tinge. 3.5K and IDK control the treble.

We suggest you start with all the letters at the midpoint position. then move them up or down until you get the amount of bass and treble you like.

Adjusting the Speakers

HR: The control behind the upper ltnoh allows you to balance the sound between the right and left speakers.

RIF: The control behind the lower knob ITlIiWDR the sound between your front and rear speakers.

Playing a Compact Disc

Before you begin, please note: DO NOT use mini-discs that are called singles. They won‘t eject. Merrill—size notepad disc's only.

If the disc player is very hot, very cold or ifyou're driving on a very rough road. the disc may come out. or just not play. if you see Err on the display. the disc player is lot: lint LE} play the disc. As mun as ll'tings got back to normal. the disc should play again.

Press P‘WR to turn the system on.

Insert a disc paILWay into the slut, lam] side ttp. The player will pull it in. Wait at few seconds, and the disc should play.


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