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Three additional stations may be preset on each band by pressing two adjoining buttons at the some time.

1. Tune in the desired station. 2. Press the SET pushbuttori. (SET appears in the displey.)

3. Within five seeonds, push any two adjoining pushbuttons at the same time. The station will return when the some two buttons are pressed again.

Setting the Tone

BASS: Slide the bass lever on to increase the bass response. Adjust use bass lever to give a pleasing sound to your ear.

TREBLE: Slide the treble lever up to increase the treble response. If the station is weak or noisy, slide the treble lever down to reduce the noise.

Adjusting the Speakers

EAL: The EAL Unnlml behind the upper knob allows you to balance the sound between the fight and left speakers.

FADE: The control behind the lower knob moves the sound between your front and rear speakers.

Playing a Cassette Tape

Your tape player is built to work best with tapes that are 30 to 45 minutes long on each sitle. Tapes longer than that are so thin that the},r may not work well in this player.

Once the tape is playing- use the upper and lower knobs for volume. balance and fade in 51 as you do for the radio. The lighted arrow shows which side of the tape is being played.

FORWARD: To advance the tape. press the arrow button in the direction the tape is playing and the tape will advance r..'11:iivi:l|_'5-I until you press the STOP-EEC].— buiton lightly.

REVERSE: To reverse the tape. press the arrow button in the opposite direction the tap-e is playing and The tape. will reverse rapidly until you press Iht: STUP-EJECT button lightly.

PRUG-RCL: To go from one side of the tape to the rill-ten. 1:11:35 Ihis knob.

STflP-FJ ECT: To remove the tape or stop the tape and change to- rarlio. press the STOP-Elm button.


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