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AWFM Stereo Radio with Cassette Player {Option}

m-Dlll "u”

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:r-Dn Ict wu—o- rut: I“.

I] I1 Fl Heal-II Hi- "I"!!!

Playing the Radio VOL: The upper knob dues these things: I It turns the radio on. Tum this knob elect-mien.

i It controls the volume. Turn this knob eteekwise to increase volume. Tu rn it countemtoeitwiee to decrease veiume.


. Frees this knob to display the time or the cement radio station.

Finding a Station TUNE: Tum the tower knob to tune radio stations. Push it to get AM or FM.

SEEK: Pressing the SEEK button wilt came: the receiver to seek Lhr.‘ next higher station and step,

SCAN: When you press SCAN, the radio Wii] go to the next station, puuee. and keep scanning until you press scan again. or it will continue to scan twice around the band-

Presets: The pushbuttons let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pushbuttons For up to 14 stations {seven AM and seven FM).

I. Tune in the station you Want.

1. Press the SET pushbutton. {SET appears in the display.)

3. Within five seconds, push one of the four punhbut‘tuns to start: the station. Whenever you press that button. the preset station will return.

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