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Audio Systems

1four DeleoIE audio system has been designed to operate easily and give years of lietening pleasure. You will get the roost enjoyment out of your system if you seq uaint yourself with it first. Find out what your Die-loom system can do and hon.r to operate all it: controls, to be sure you‘re getting the most out of the advanced engineering that went into it.

Setting the Clock

I. Press the SET putthhultfln. The SET indicator will appear for five .eeconds on the digital display.

2. Within five seconds press the SEEK butlonfis) until the correct minute appears on the dixplay.

3. Press and hold the SCAN button until the correct hour appears on. the display.


em Stereo Radio


run-nun: “u "r.

L? can flfitfltéi i5


Playing the Radio VOL: The upper knob does these things: I It turns the radio on. Turn this knob clockwise.

o It controls the volume. Turn this knob clockwise to increase volume. Turn it eonntcreloekwise to decrease volume.

0 It will display the time or the current radio station by pressing the knob.

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