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Air Conditioner (Option)

The air conditioner cools the air coming into your vehicle. The air conditioner works best when the windows are closed. 011 a very hot day. you might want to open the windows to let the hottest air out.

HEX: This setting provides; maximum cooling with the least amount of work. MAX recirculates the air inside your vehicle, and cools the air quickly. Adjust the temperature control to a cold getting.

NORM: This setting will circulate otmlod ti-osh air dtrough the vents.

BIL: Bi~lcvc1 can he used wilh the air conditioning and works as deacon-ed on the previouv pogo.

Rear Window Defogger {Option}

1‘ The linen you fine on my: rear window wann the glans. Press the button to statt warming your window. - Pressing the button again

' will shut it off.

If you to to on the rear defogger while driving at or above 45 ntplt {Tl} knth. it will stay on as long as that speed is maintained. You must press the button to shut it. off. If you drive below 4-5 Tnph [TilI kmfhl lit-1' more than it} minutes the rear dofoggor will automatically shut oli'.


Scraping the inside of your rear window could cut and damage the heater. Your warranty would

not coy-or thia- damage. Donn put decals there; you might have to scrape them off.

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