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FAN: The left knob fieleets The force of air you want.

TEMPERATURE: The center knob change-3 the temperature of the air coming through the system. 'l'uni this knob toward red {clockwiset for warmer air. Turn it toward blue [eountereloekwiael I'or cooler air.

MODE: The right knoh has several settings to control the direction of air flow. For each setting, not the telnperaturr It: a comfortable netting. When the right Lionlrol knob is turned to OFF. the fan and the heating and cooling systeltt will he tilt.


BIL: This setting allows the outside nu‘ to flow enough your Buick in too ways. {Tooter airis directed to the upper portion of your body through the vent outlets.

Slightly wanner air is directed through the heater ducts and defrosrer outlets.

VENT: Using vent will allow outside air to flow through lite instrument panel outleet.

HTR: Thin netting sends-t most of the air through the heater duets. Adjust: the tempemtttre control to it warm setting. If you have the engine cool-nit itenter. you can use it in cold weather l+2ll"Ff—3‘>C or lower) to heat your vehicle's pnesenger area quicker. The engine coolant heater warms the engine coolant which will ultimately wann the paHfienger area more efficiently. [See "Engine lennt Heater" in the index.)

BLEND: This; setting divides: the air flow equally between the heater and the defroster outlets.

@ DEFRUST: This SL‘LLlIIg operates the defroster. Mutt! or the air comet: out near the windnhield. Use DEF-RUST when you get fog or ice on the windshiehi,

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