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@ Section 3 Comfort Controls and Audio Systems _

In this .5L‘C1tt1Tl )rnu‘Il find out how [Lt operate the cntnfnn Air Outlets control systems and audit: systems nt‘E'L'Tud wilh ynut Buick. He suns to read ahtsut the panictltar system supplicd wilh yuur t'clticlc.

Yuur Buick Cflmfflrl Contrfll System

This pun tells you how tn make ynur air system wnrk far ynu.

Adjust the direction nt‘ air flow by moving the louvered vents.

Fret-h El-ll' frnn'l outside your Vuh'iL'ft: rlu'ws lltrfltlgit your Buick when the car is moving. When [he vchtclc is nut moving, yuu can gut nuts'tdt: air to flow through by selecting any air tshn'tce and any fun spund.

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