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Check fli] Light If the light stays on, your engine oil level shuuld be checked. Check your oil level (be sure your vehicle is on T116 CHECK 01L light a level surface) and bring the engine oil up to the proper aheuld mm: (m hriel'lj.r level. if necessary. See "Engine Oil" in the Index.

while an are stanin our . . . _ . engine}: "— the light diein't NOTE: The ml le'v‘el munrmn I13 5} stern only cheeks n11

CHECK come on have your vehicle level dun' ng the brief pened between key on and engine _ - d' ‘t -” i crank. ll does nel manner engine all level when the D”- fierwee m I M be Y engine 15 running. Addmenally, an uil level check is Only perlhnned if Ihe engine has been turned off for a considerable period ef time allowing the oil manually in circulation to drain back into me 01'] pan.

to warn you if there's :1 problem.


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