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En'ne Di] Pressure Light


“:27: OIL

This light tells you if there enuld he a. problem with your engine eil pressure.

There are three ways this light can come on briefly. which is nernmi and doesn't Show a pruhlem. The}.r are:

|. A5 a bulb check. the light comes on when you turn yen: key It) RUN and goes off when [he engine is

started. If it deesn't. be sure to have it fixed so it will. be there to warn you.

2. If you‘re "idling“ at a step sign. the light may blink (in and IJ'Ien off.

3. if ynu make a herd stnp. the light ma}r came an fer a moment.

But. when. this came? em and stew an, it means nil isn't geing through yeur engine prnperly. You could be low on Oil. or you might have some other eil problem.

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