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Malfunction Indicator Lamp {Service Engine Soon Light} NOTICE:

11' you keep driving yuul‘ vehicle wit]: this light

A com me: monitors . . . p on, after a Whll'E the common controls won‘t

Operation nil yuur incl. ignition and omission

work as well. your fuel aoonomy won’t be as good

SERVICE control $}'HL¢m}-i_ This fight and your engine may not run as smoothly. This should come on when [he could lead to costly repairs not covered by your ENGINE ignition i». on. but the warranty. SOON engine in not running. 35 a

chock to Show you ll is working.

if it times not E01115: on at all, hurt it lixod right away. If it stays on. or it comes on whi]: you are driving, Ihu compuicr i5 indicating mat you have a problem. You should lake your vehicle in Fur sun-ice soon.

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