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Engine Coolant Temperature Gage

Tl'tib gage 5I1uwn the engine coolant temperature. If the gage pointer moves into 111E rad area. your engine it too hot!


That reading means the same thing an m: Warning Ii ghl. It means that your an gine coolant has: oveihealed. If you have been operating your Ivehicle Under non-nui driving conditions, you should pull nfl'lhe road. SEE-p your vehicle and turn off the engine as HOOD as possible.

The chapter“Problems on the Road." in this manual

explains what to do. Also see "Engine Ut—crhcating“ in the Index.

Low Coolant Warning Light

ll'This light comes on and stays on. the ~aehiele should promptly he pulled off the mad and The coolant level checked. Sec “Engine Coolant" in die Index. i!' then: an: Visible signs ul‘ alealn Sen “Engine Ur-crhcating" in II'IL' [mien before opening the hood.


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