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1Voltage indicator [Option] Brake System Warning Light

‘t'nur Buick‘s hydraulic bruit: system is divided intn two parts. If tine [run isn‘l BRA KL: wnrkilig. thv: other part can

still work, and Hlup you. Fm

(‘3) (®) guud braking. though. you need huLh part5 win-king well.

Il' lhu warning light mums i111. than: could be a brflkc problem. Haw: ymn' brake system inspected right away.

This light should came on briefly as you .r-Eurt Ihe

This gage shows the yolk-jg? in the ¢]ectl-j.;fi| 53-5;ng vehicle. If it tlcauun‘l L‘umt: un 111cm. haw it liltud it“ it The normal range is ll m 15 volts. Ir um reading stays will be ready 1n warn you iftherfs a prnhiem-

”Er-“d3 ”if “'91—'11” “1“??- have ynur Bka deal” “1'5“: ll' 1h: light comes on while you are driving. pull off Ihe ”‘8 Eie‘mca' “Filam- mud and stop carefully. You allay notice mat the pedal it

harder to push. Or. 131::- pedal may go Ciflfifll‘ [u the fluur. ll may lulu: Itnngcr tn uttJ-p. Il' I111: light is still tin. or if the: anti—luck bruit: system warning light is l'luh'i'ling. haw:

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