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Air Bag Readiness Light Battery Light

There is an air bag readiness light on the instrument . panel. which shows AIR BAG _ The System eheehe the 33;" 5:: :3}: "fif‘ffi; air bags eleetneal system for malfunctions. The light on hriefl to show that our teils you if there is an electrical problem. The system uhemamfm hater). 3" eheeh includes the air bag smears and module. the El charge" “mm an.

wiring anti the diagnostic module. For more infomlatiun working I

on lht: hit hag system. see “Air Bag“ in the index. U0 LTS '

You will see this light flash for a few seconds when you turn your

ignition to RUN or , . AIR START.T11en the light If the llgl'll Stays Oh, you need scnlcc. and should take

BAG should EU out. This your Buick to [he dealer :31. once. To save your battery until you get there. turn off all accessories. and set your

means Lhe system is _ air system to ll’ZiIFF.


If the air hag readiness light doesn‘t Come on when you stan your vehicle. or stays on. or £111th on when you are driving. your air brig system may not work properly. Have your vehicle even-iced right away.

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