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Front Console Storage [flpfion] Storage Armrest [Uptionl

The console bemoan [ho from scam has roar seal. The armrost btlwucrl [he from Heals opens into 5 storage- cupholden‘. that when pulled up and rotnlecl backward area. To open '11. prERl-i the le war at the from Bdgfi'. Inside can be used. Tlltll‘l: is also :1 small tissue llflldCf lll Ehc an: cuphuidcrs which can be rotated forward for uso cover. will: the cover closed. Thom is a sturugr: area for

if you how: 111: full length console. you also him: 11 “35°“: tapes. compact dlscs mum” small [tan-'5'

510mg: area with a sliding door. Lift up on Lho laloh to open the door 10 store your compact discs, sunglasses or other small items.


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