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To remove the rear ashtray I'm i:_'li.'ainin_|i:T pram tiuwn tn]

the snuffer as you pull the “thde dim-'11 um] UIJL


Ihln't [1].“. papers at “filer flammable filings int!) yaur ashtraj's. Hut cigarettes or other smoking materials could ignite them. causing :1 damaging l'ire.

Cigarette Lighter

it‘s ncar the its-shinny. To use the cigarette lighter. push it in all the way and let gm. When it"aa ready. it will pup back by itself.


[1' fun hold a cigarette lighter in with your hand while it is heating. it won‘t be able tn hack away from the heating element when it’s ready. That can make it overheat. damaging the lighter and the heating element.

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