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Sunroof (Dptinn)

" . Open lln: Hunshudr hy hunnl when using the vent pmifian.

Fri-95 and release the. rear of the switch and Ill: Hum'uol wil] open to the vent posinun.

Press the rear of the switch ag am to upcn 1h;- gJ-asi. Punt! and [he sunshade. Press ll]: switch again m 51in Lin: panic! :n any position.

Prev; and hold Ihr: l'rnnl nf' 111C Hwiiuh In close the glass. panel. Th: Hullhllfldc can truly he closed by hand.

The riumclflfgluhs puIIL'I L'unlml bu upunud ur Cluh'cd if your Buick has. an clrrLriL‘tL] t'uilurc.



[m not attem 111 m fDJTE the sunshade forward of the sliding glass panel. Damage will occur and the xunruui' may not open or close properly.

Thu: i'an center :Lfili'rray may be lifted our fun" cleaning.

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