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Convex Outside Mirror Convenience Net (Optimi-

Yeur passenger's side mil-rm is cunkex.

A convex mtrrer‘e surface is curved s»:- yeu can see more from the driver‘s seat.

Yeur vehicle may have a convenience net. You'll see it

“501- Vamty errnl' {Upton} just Inside Ihe hack wnlJ ef the trunk. Put smui! leads. The lighted vism' vanity mirror lighls up when the like gnu-cry bags. behind the nL'l. It ran help keep them mirror uuver is opened. Chas-Ling lhc mirmr cover tumfi r'rern t'ulh'ng even during ehurp 1111115 or quick sums; and

stops. The net lan't for larger. heavier luuuls. Suture Them in Ihe trunk 35111.: forward a}. gain: can. Yuu can llllhflnk Lhe net .40 [hm it will He t‘lm when you're nut using it.

off the lamps.

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