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Turn Signamultifuncfion Lever Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicator

The be war on the left side of the steering miumn The turn sign 31 has two upward [Fur fight} and two inciudes your: dcwnwmd (for 1cm positions. These poaitinns allow gun

I ' al I 1 i1 . I Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicator umgn 11 um ura anec ange

1 Tu signal a turn. move the Ir: var all the way up nr down. ' Head'amp H'EWLU“ 3‘5"" thn “1: turn ih fllu'shed. me iever will return

' Winmhield “Gpern nummafically. I Windshinld Washer 0 Cruise Conn-u] {Uplium

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