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Ignition Switch

With the ignition key in the ignition switch, you cam [Lu-n Lite switch to five different positions:

ACCESSURY {A}: This posifiorl lets you use things iilte the radio and the windshield wipers when the engine is off. To usE the ACCESSORY position. push in the key and turn it toward you. Your steering wheei will remain locked.just as it was before you inserted the key.

LUCK {B}: Before you put the key in. your ignition will he in the LOCK position. This is the only position in which you can remove the key. This position locks your ignition+ steering wheel and trans mission. It's n theft deterrent featote.

OFF {C}: This position unlocks the steering whwl. ignition land transmission but doesn’t send electrical power to any assessor-ice Turn the key to the OFF position if you must have your which: in I'l'tflljt'l-n while “to engine is off.

RUN {D}: This is the position for driving. START (El: This key position starts your engine.

Note that even if the engine is not ntnning, the positions ADCES SGRY and RUN allow you to operate your electrical accessories. such as the radio and ventilation fan.


If your key seems sluclr. in LUCK and you can't turn it, he sure itis all the tony in. In: is. then turn the steering wheel lcfl and right: while you

turn the key hard. But turn the key only with

your hood. Using a tool to force it could break the key or the ignition switch. If none of this works, then your which needs service.


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