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Both Buick and your Buick dealer are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your new vehicle. Durexperience has shown that, if a situation arises

where you feel your concern has not been adequately addressed.theCustomer Satisfaction Proeed uredescribed

earlier in this section is very successful.

“there may be inst-macs where an impartial third-party can assist in arriving at a solution to a disagreement regarding vehicle repairs or irtlerprelatiott of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. To assist in resulting these disagreements Buick voluntarily participates in BBB AUTO Lfl‘lE.

BBB AUTO LINE is an out~ofrcoutt program administered by the Better Business Bureau system to settle disputes between customers and automobile manufacturers. This program is available free of charge to customers who currently oWn or lease a GM vehicle.

If you are not satisfied after following the Customer Satisfaction Procedure, you may contact the BBB using Lhe lollal'ree telephone number. or write thorn at lite following address:


Council of Better Business Bureaus 4200 Wilson Boulevard

Suite 800

Arlington. VA 22203

Telephone: 1-363-955-3100

To file a claim, you will be asked to provide your name and address, your Vehicle Identification Number {VIN}, and a statement of the nature of your complaint. Eligibility is Limited by vehicle age and mileage, and outer factors.

We prefer you utilize the Customer Satisfaction Procedure before you resort to am LINE. but you may contact the BBB at any time. The BBB will attempt to resolve the complaint serving as an intermediary between you and Buick. It‘lliia mediation is unsuccessful. an informal hearing will be scheduled where eligible customers may present their case to an impartial third-party arbitrator.

The arbitrator will make a decision which you may accept or reject. if you accept the rlecision, GM will be bound by that decision. The entire dispute resolution procedure should otduiarily take about forty days front the time you file a claim until a decision is made.

Some state laws may require you to use this program before filing a claim 1with a stale -run arbitration program or in the courts. For furuier information, con tact the BBB at I-Bfll'l-‘JSS-fi l [ill or the Buick Customer Assistance Center at 1—300-52 l 4300.

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