Buick ROADMASTER 1995 Owner Manual

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Maintenance Schedule

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Fallow Schcduje U uni}? if mm: of the nunditinns from Every 7,501! Miles [11 5M km} Schedule I is true. Engine Di! and Filtcr Change mr every 12 mnnth J: Chassis Lubrication Eur every I2 mnrlthal REM Axle Fluid Ch ungr: (Vchicles Towing Trailers} At 7.59“ Miles I 12 500 km} Rear :5.er Fluid Change (Limited-Slip Differential} fit T501] Miles [12. SDI] km) The-n Every [5.000 Mlle-s :25 Hill km] Tin: Rulminn Every 311.000 Miles lfifl mm km} From; Whfiel Bearing Rtpnck {an an each brake refining} Engine Accessory Driu: Bah Inspcminn {or every 24 munihm Cooling Syslcm Scn'iCe flnr every 24 I'I'IflnthP Spark Plug Wm. Inspection Air Cimncr Filter Replnccme at Furl Tank, Cap and Lines lnspectinn Every SILIHHI Miles {83 MN] km] Automatic Transmission Service (Saver: Cnndiu‘nns} EFL-r3 100d!!! Miles {166 [I'll] km] Spark Plug Replacement

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