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Maintenance Schedule

Schedule I Definition Schedule I Intervals

Follow Maintenance Schedule I if any one of these is true for your vehicle:

I Most trips are less than 5 to 10 miles {3 to in lrml. This in particularly important when outside temperatures. are below fleecing.

0 Most hips include extensive idling {such as frequent driving in stop—andagn traffic}.

Most trips are through dusty areas.

I You frequently tonr a trailer or use a carrier on top of your vehicle.

Schedule 1 should also be followed if the vehicle is used for delivery service, police. taxi. or other commercial application.

Every 3,000 Miles [5 I100 km} or 3 Months

Engine Oil and Filler Change Every 0,000 Miles {10 000 km} or IE months

Chassis Lubrication M 6.00“ Miles (10 000 km) - Then Every 12,000 Miles [25 000 km}

Tire Rotation Every T500 Miles (12 500 km}

Rear Axle Fluid C hange [Vehicles Towing Trailers} At 'l'.500 Miles (12 500 km)

Rear Axle Fluid Change (Limited-Slip Differential} Everyr i5,00ll Mlies [25 000 km)

Air Cleaner Filter hispecljon if driving in dusty conditions

Front Wheel Bearing Repack {or at each brake refining} Every 30,000 Miles (50 000 km}

Air Cleaner Filter Replacement

Spark Plug Wire Inspection

Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines Inspection

Engine Accessory Drive Belt lnspeeu'on [or every

24 month.)

Cooling System Service {or every 24 mon thei Every 50,000 Miles (33 000 Ian]

Automatic Transmission Service (Severe Conditions] Every 100,000 Miles (166 000 ltm]

Spas-it Plug Replacement

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