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Don‘t use any of these unless this manual says you can. i Use solventwtype cleaners in a weilv ventilated urea

in many uses. these will damage your vehicle: only. if you use them. don’t saturate the stained area. 0 Alcohoi I If a ring forms after spot cleaning. clean the entite

. Laundry Soap area immediately or it will set.

9 Bleach Using F loam-Type Cleaner on Fabric

it Reducing Agents 0 Vacuum and brush the area to remove any loose dirt. Cleaning the IIISidE (If Yfllll' BfliCk I Always clean a whole trirti panel or section. Mask

surrounding trim along stitch or welt lines. Use a vacuum cleaner often to get rid of dust and loose

dirt. MP3 't'irtyl or leather with a clean damp elodt. . MI!" Mum-Fume! PDWdcmd C'WWT following tlte

directions on the container label. Your Buick dealer has two GM cleaners. a sol‘vent—typc

spot lifter and a foam-type powdered cleaner. They will

0 Use suds only and apply with a clean sponge.

clean normal spots and stains very well. Do not use 0 Dead saturate the materia]. a 0

There on vinyl or leather. Don't nth it roughly.

Here are some cleanin it s: . . g P As soon as yott ye cleaned the section. use a sponge

I‘ Always read the instructions on the cleaner label. to remove the suds.

0 Clean up stains as soon as you can -- before they set. 0 Rinse the section with a clean. wet sponge.

0 List: a clean cloth or sponge, and change to a clean 0 Wipe off what's left with a. siightl y damp paper towel area often. It soft brush may be used if stains are or cloth. stubbom.

0 Then dry it immediately with a blow dryer or a heal lamp.


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