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Brake-5 the fluid lava! goes back up. The miner reason is that fluid is leaking (Jul 01" the brake system. ll‘it is. ynu

Brake Master Cylinder should haw: yum brake system fixed. since a leak means. . . . . that sooner or later ynur brakes wnn't work well. ur YDGDuTrgrzkzkmansficylmder IS here. [[15 filled wuh won't wm'k at all. So. it isn‘t a good idea to “top off“ I E 1 ' your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid WnnlL comect a

leak. if you add Fluid whcn your linings are worn, than you‘ll haw: too much fluid when you gal new brake linings. You should add {or remnant] brake fluid. as necessary. only when work is dun: an the brdkl: hydraulic system.

There an: only two reasons why Int brake fluid leverl in

your master cylinder might go down. The first is that the Ref . . . . . . er to the antcnancu Schedule to determmc whcn to brake fluid goes clown to an maplable level du ring check your br'] fluid. See "Periodic Maintenanc:

marmalhrak " . " '. - e hmng wear When an Jmmgs are put :n lnspechcms In Ihr: Index.

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