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Automatic Transmission Fluid

When In Check and Change

A good time In check yew automatic transmission fluid level is when the engine oil is changed. Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whm tn clmnge

your fluid. See ‘Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How In Check

Because this operation can be a little difficult. you may choose to have this done at your Buick detflear Service


NOTICE: It" you an it. yEIIIrHelf. he sure he fullnw all the lffltenlrcleanerisufimhnekflmmcamn inshnctionshercfirynumuldgetafalsereaflingonthe demegingmglmfimfinfldirtmneasflyget dipstick.

into war engine, which will dmnage it. Always

have the air eleaner in place when yuu‘l'e driving. NOTICE:

'I‘mmuchnrmnflflle fluidcandnmngcynnr IrmmlwiunJh-nmmmeenmem that some of

meflmidcnuldenmeoutandflflnnhntenglne Mmmmmmmimflugnfimfle nuremgetuneemnterendlnglfmcheckynnr Wflnfl.


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