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Th: wagon gas cap in hfhltld u hinged door on me {JuLEidu of 1mm— Buick” in me Index. timer 5 51:14.: of your vchnflu. When you [ml the cap buck on. turn it lo 1.11:: righl LInL'Il Tn tukc [In-1.11:: cap. turn 1! 510ng to [Ito loft you hear fll 12:35.1 il'msr: clickH.

Be carcful not to spill gasoline. Clfiflll gasoline from painted aurI‘aCcs as soon as possible. Soc “Cleaning the

[counterclockwise 1.


If you need a new cap, be sure to get the right type. Your dealer can gel one for 31m. "you get

the wrong type. it may not fit or have proper naming. and your fuel tank and emissions system might be damaged-


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