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If ynu get the overheat warning wilh new Sign of steam. try this for a minute at so:

I. Turn off your air conditioner.

2. Turn on your heater in full but at the highest fan speed and open the WifldDW as necessnw.

3- II“ you‘re in a_ln1l'fic jam, shift to NEU’IM [N]: nmerwise. shift to the highest gear while driving -- AUTOMATIC GVERDRIVE {@j or THIRD {3}.

If you no longer have the overheat. warning, you can

drive. Just to be safe. drive $I£chr for about than minutes.

If the warning doesn’t come back on. you can dri Ive: manually.

[f the warning continues. pull ever. Stup. and park your vehicle right away.

If there‘s Still no sign of steam. you can idle the engine for two at three minutes while you're parked, to see it‘ the warning steps. But then. if you still have the waning, tum figme- engine and get (Jeannine our of the which: until it cools down.

Yen may decide not to lift the hand but [ct get sen-ice help right away.


.41! H

When you decide it's safe to lift the hnei here's what you'll see:

1. Cunfant Surge Tank with Pressure Cap

2. Eleetn‘c Engine Pants)

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