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If You lilo Denide To Full A Trailer If you do. here are some important points,

l There are many different laws. including speed limit

restrictions, having to do with trailer-mg. Make sure your rig will be legal. not only where you live but also where you‘ll be driving. A good source for this information can be state or provincial miliee.

You should always use a weight disu'ihuting {equalizing} bitch il‘ your trailer will we igh more than 3.000 pounds I1] 362 kg). Consider using sway control ii your loaded trailer will weigh 3.000 pounds {1 362 kg} or more-

You can ask a hitch dealer about sway controls.

Trailers that weigh more than 1.050 pounds {454 kg] should be equipped with trailer brakes.

Surge brakes may be used on some trailers tog. boat trailers}. However, surge brakes do not work well with most sway control devices. Do not use sway control devices on trailers equipped with surge brakes.

Don't tow a trailer at all durin g the first 1.000 miles ( | 6-00 km} your new vertiole is driven. Your engine. axle or other parts could be damaged.

Then. duri ng the first 500 miles {800 km] that you tow a trailer. don’t drive over St} mph (till krm'hj and don’t make starts at full throttle. This helps your engine and other parts of your vehicle wear in at the hoavier loads.

[they speed limit restrictions when towing a trailer. Don't drive faster than the maximum posted speed for trailers for no more than 55 mph {Eli} lonfhll to save wear on your vehicle's parts. Avoid continuous operation in mountainous areas that have grades greater than 2% for longer than 5 miles.

l[Change axle lubricant annually or every 1501} miles i | 2 Sill) km) of trailer towing, whichever occurs first.


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