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Driving at Night Here me some Lips en nigh: driving. 0 [311' VI: defensively. I Don‘t drink and dfiVC.

D Adjust your inside rean'iew mirror Io reduce the glare from headlamps behind you.

0 Since yen can‘t see as 1well. you may need to slow down and keep more space between you and other 1.rel'iieies.

i Slaw dawn, espeeisil}r on higher speed reads. Your headlamps can light up only so much mad ahead.

I in I'EII'IOEB areas, watch I'ur animals.

0 If yuu‘n: Lil'Ed. pull nfi the read in a safe place and “1.8!.

Night driving ix mnrre dangerous than day driving. One reasnn i3 IJ'Lat some drivers are likely to be impaired by chuhnl er drugs. with nigJiI vision problem. er by fudgue.


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