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lfyou're driving on a very tough road or it‘ it‘s very hot. the dist: may not play and ERR (error) truly appear on the display. Press'RECALL to take ERR off the display. When things get heel: to normal. the dis: should play. if the dist: comes out. it could be that:

O The dist: is upside dotm.

l It is dirty. scratched or wet.

I It is very humid. if so. wait start. an hour and try again.

RECALL: Press this button to see which [reek is playing. Press it again within five seconds to see how long it has been playing. To change what is nonnafly shown on the display {trunk or elapsed time}. press the button until you see the display you want. then hold the button until the display flashes.

PREV (1]: Pious this button to go to the start of the current track. if more than eight seconds have played. If you hold the button or press it more than once. the player will continue moving heel: through the disc.


NEXT [2.]: Press this button to go to the next truck. if you hold the button or press it more than once, the player will eontinue moving forward through the disc.

14(3): Ptess and hold this button to return to a passage quickly. 1|t’riu will hear sound.

Hi4}: Press and hold this button to udwnee to a passage quickly. You will hear sound.

RAND {6}: Press this button to beer the trucks in random order.

AM FM: Posse this button to play the radio when a disc is in the player.

if you turn off the ignition or radio with a disc in the pinyer. it will stay in the player. When you turn on the ignition or system. the disc will start playing where it was stopped.

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