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pap-i4}: Prtss [lllb huttun to advance quickly In another purl til the tape. Presix the hulltin again Lu r|'_'ll.llT| 1:: playing apecci. The: radio will play while ll'lE' trip:


SIDE (5}: Press this button in change the side of the [311C that is: playing.

III I6]: Press this button to reduce background noise. Dolby-i“ B Noise Reduction is manufactured under

lice rm: in: :11 Dtflby Luhnmmi-im Lifiunsing (Summation.

DOLBY and the DU symbol ilfl‘. trademarks {if Dolby- Lahoraiaries Licensing Corporation.

Al“ FM: PTESH Lhis huLLun It: phat},I 111:: radio whim a tape is in the player.

SDLIRCE: Pit-.55 this knob to CE] :1.“th In the tape function when the radio is on. TAPE with an an'ow will

apputu' un ll'ir: dinluy when IJ'Lr: Lani: is. aulivc. EIEC'I‘: Pram-i ll'liiH hulltin m rumm-L: Ll'u: lapL‘. Thi: Tild'll} will play.

Playing a Compact Disc

Ins-Err. a dim: pm‘lwuy mm 111:: h'iUl. label Hide up. The player will pull it in. The disc shiiulrl begin playing.


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