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AMEFM Stereo Radio with Cassette Tape Player

Playing the. Radio Turn the VOLUME knuh lu- turn the Hj'filifm fin and riff.

VOLUME: 'l'unl Iltt: uppcr knuh uIn-ckwisc tn increase vulnmc. Turn i1. cuunlcrclnckwine tn decrease vntume

RECALL: Press Lhe upptr knob brief!)- u: recall the Hlaittm being played or the clock display. To change what is nonnafly shown an 1.11: difiplay {statitin nr tirnc], press the knnb until you see the display you want. then huld thc knnh Land! the display Hashes. If 3'01: press the knob when the: ignition is off. the clack wiJi Shaw Far :1 few mounds.

Finding a Station Press thv: IUWL‘I' knuh 11} select FM 1. FM? ur AM. TUNE: Turn the Inwer knob to chaos: radio stations.

SEEK: Press the fonvnrd or backward anew to go in the next higher or tower Station. The suund wiil be IIIutud whiit: seeking,

SCAN: Press one of [ht SEEK arrows i‘ur twu Seconds, and SCAN will appear in the dispiuy. USE SCAN to lichn m statiuns for a few seconds. The radiu witl go It: :1 Htatiun. stop for a few seconds, then go on L0 m: um smtinn. Press one of the SEEK buttons again tn SLtt-p scanning.

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